Spanish Chorizo bell pepper sausage

The chorizo is one of the best known and most popular Spanish sausage specialties.
The chorizo is characterized by its red color, which it receives from the addition of paprika spices.

The Spanish chorizo bell pepper sausage is eaten air-dried, smoked, fried, grilled, boiled as well as pickled.
It is therefore a real all-rounder for Spanish cuisine.

Chorizo casero
  • Spanish Chorizo sausage
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Spanish Chorizo

Serving suggestion

In fine slices, the chorizo is a perfectly balanced bread topping with the corresponding spicy note.
As small cubes to accompany stews such as a bean stew (white beans or green beans), enriched with potatoes, or in a pasta dish, the chorizo is versatile in Mediterranean cuisine.


Chorizo, like fuet, is made from pork and bacon in most of Spain.
In some regions of Spain it is made from wild boar, deer, goat or lamb.

Medium to coarsely chopped, the mixture is seasoned with garlic and paprika powder. The addition of different herbs leads to slight regional differences in terms of taste.

The added paprika powder gives the Spanish chorizo not only its characteristic color, but also that special aroma. The flavors range from mild, sweet, hot, piquant, extra hot to smoked.