Hola! Soy la Eli!

Coming from Premiá de Mar - which is very close to Barcelona - I have been living in Germany for twenty years.
Since my family continues to live in northern Spain, I visit them frequently.

I really enjoy the time in my native country because as a family person I like to be with my family, but above all because of the excellent food.

I would like to share this love for food with you, and that's why I had the idea to open this online shop.

Eli Mallebrera



What is close to my

When implementing my idea, I adhered to the following principles: 


Quality, not quantity!

During my visits to Spain, I visited numerous potential suppliers, most of which are located in northern Spain, but also in central Spain. I kept a "highscore list" for myself so as not to lose track. The result can be seen! I promise you will enjoy a selection of the best in Spain here.


Service for friends and family!

I would like to be available for you by email and phone in order to be able to clarify your questions about the products to your complete satisfaction. But I'm not only available for product questions. If you miss products or just have suggestions for changes to the shop itself, please let me know. 


The environment matters!

The environmental thought plays an important role for me. Thus the olive oils, the wine and the cava in particular are predominantly produced organically. But the shipping boxes and cool packs are also made of environmentally friendly material. And registration to participate in the dual system (yellow dot) for the disposal of packaging waste is of course a matter of course!


Well now, enough about me! I wish you a lot of fun while shopping!

... anything with Tapas!

Company philosophy BM Food Select

Our philosophy

Briefly for overview, what motivates us to offer the best products for you, our family and our friends:

  • We want to enable small regional producers to offer their products internationally.
  • Our selection criteria for which products are included in the store are subject to a high quality standard.
  • The communication between the manufacturer and you should take place without detours via wholesalers.

Curious to know more?


Our philosophy


Next bulk order in...




Our business concept: receive fresh goods from Spain

We carry out collective orders at regular intervals (about every 2-3 weeks).
From now on, don't miss any opportunity to have your desired items imported at the next collective order!

Order now and get notified in the future of the next bulk order!

Today's special offer

Sales at the Spanish gourmet
Spanish Crackers for spreads
  • Perfect crackers for Spanish bread spreads
  • Contains cranberries for a slightly sweet taste
  • Pack of 100 g content 
RRP 3.22 €
Only 1.61 €
16.10 € per kg
Valdenvero Organic biolological olive oil vrigin extra

  • Cornicabra olives
  • Early harvest
  • Fruity and herbal taste
  • 500 ml bottle
RRP 28.99 €
From only 12.50 €
Mini crackers bonarea
RRP 1.88 €
Only 0.94 €
7.83 € per kg
Spanish olives rajada morada hojiblanca
  • Mix of olives of dark and green olives
  • Rajada Hojiblanca type with the typical rip
  • Glass of 920 g net weight
RRP 5.60 €
Only 3.08 €
7.00 € per kg
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Recommendations for you

gift Christmas in Neustadt
  • Hand selected Spanish delights
  • Gift "Christmas in Neustadt"
24.95 €
Handmade jam with banana and chocolate from Spain
  • Jam with banana and chocolate
  • 100% natural, without dyes and preservatives
  • Resealable glass with a content of 290 g
7.60 €
26.21 € per kg
Butifarra blanca - Spanish white grill sausage
  • Original Catalan pork sausage
  • Ideal for grilling or roasting
  • Sausage with 250 g
3.29 €
13.16 € per kg
Valdenvero Organic biolological olive oil vrigin extra

  • Cornicabra olives
  • Early harvest
  • Fruity and herbal taste
  • 500 ml bottle
RRP 28.99 €
From only 12.50 €
Spanish black olives
  • Black olives with stone
  • Strong and fruity taste
  • Glass of 920 g net weight
5.95 €
13.52 € per kg
Spanish Turron coconut
  • Spanish turron with coconut
  • 400 g bar
  • highest quality (calidad suprema)
6.09 €
15.23 € per kg
Tomato jam L' Olivet de Mas Ferran
  • Jam made from home-grown tomatoes
  • 100% natural, without dyes and preservatives
  • Resealable glass with a content of 270 g
7.50 €
27.78 € per kg
Wavy Spanish potatoe chips
  • Original wavy Spanish potatoe chips 
  • Nice and crunchy
  • Pack of 120 g
1.80 €
15.00 € per kg
Tomate frito - fried tomato sauce
  • Fried tomato
  • Ideal to cook any type of salsa
  • Tetrapack of 400 g
1.79 €
4.48 € per kg
Spanish meat broth
  • Natural meat broth based on meat and vegetables
  • Taste of Serrano ham
  • Tetrapack of 1 liter
3.89 €
3.89 € per Litre
Mixed Cheese ripened
  • Spanish mixed cheese, cow, goat, sheep milk
  • 7-8 months ripened
  • App. 330 g
7.88 €
22.51 € per kg
Pealed sunflower seeds
  • Pealed sunflower seeds
  • Pack of 100 g
1.35 €
13.50 € per kg
Lard portions
  • Mini lard
  • Pack of 250 g
3.99 €
15.96 € per kg
Arbequina olive oil virgin extra
  • Made of 100% Arbequina olives
  • Balanced taste
  • Handy 250 ml jar (can be refilled /sustainable)
7.89 €
31.56 € per Litre
gift box Capricio - Spanish special food
  • Hand selected Spanish delights
  • Gift basket "Capricio"
  • Delicious selection of bread spreads and sweets
22.90 €
Sierra Prieta Picual Cornicabra, a Spanish virgin extra olive oil
  • Olive type Picual and Cornicabra
  • Harvested in November-December
  • Light spicy taste, minimal bitterness with light spiciness
  • 500 ml bottle
from 19.90 €
Alfonso Torres crisps salted with sea salt
  • Manually selected Spanish potato crisps
  • Salted with sea salt
  • Pack of 170 g
4.09 €
24.06 € per kg
Olive oil tasting set
  • 2 x Sierra Prieta Picual-Cornicabra
  • 2 x Sierra Prieta Arbequina
  • 2 x Valdenvero Frantoio
89.90 €
29.97 € per Litre
Turron Chocolate and Almonds
  • Almond pastry with Chocolate
  • Bar of 300 g
  • Highest quality (calidad suprema)
5.89 €
19.63 € per kg
Joy Voucher € 50
  • The joy voucher for friends and family
  • Receive a voucher code with value of 50 EUR to give away
  • Perfect give away for anniversary, christmas, birthday and other occasions
50.00 €
Family pack serrano ham slices
  • Spanish Serrano ham in a big pack
  • Gran Reserva (at least 15 months ripened)
  • Between 30 and 40 slices
  • Seperator between slices to ease serving
  • App. 500 g
14.89 €
29.78 € per kg
Spanish Sofrito tomato sauce with onion
  • Fried tomato with onion
  • The basis of every mediterranean salsa
  • Glass of 350 g
2.90 €
8.29 € per kg
Spanish Olives Cocktail Mix
  • Mix of green olives
  • Cocktail of cornichons and silver onions
  • Glass of 920 g net weight
6.98 €
17.45 € per kg
Cava Brut Nature
  • Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada
  • Light yellow, brilliant and smooth sparkling
  • FSK 18 article with age check
14.50 €
19.33 € per Litre
Smoked sheep cheese
  • Spanish sheep cheese
  • Smoked ripened
  • Wedge of 250 g
7.39 €
29.56 € per kg
Spanish Manzanilla olives filled with anchovies
  • Spanish green manzanilla olives
  • Filled with sardines
  • Can with a net weight of 350 g
2.79 €
18.60 € per kg
Can mas Vino Tinto 0.75L - Can Mas Red Wine
  • Young and lively red wine
  • 12% Vol. Alc.
  • Served in easy Bordelesa bottle à 0,75 l.
7.90 €
10.53 € per Litre
Pepperling omelette Spanish recipe
  • Recipe for a delicious pepperling omelette
  • From Eli's Grandma
0.00 €
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Buy freshly from our butcher Marcel Puigmal

May we introduce our butcher of confidence:
Marcel Puigmal, spanischer Metzgermeister
Marcel Puigmal
Butchery owner of El Graner in 2nd generation.



no gluten



lactose free



organic products


Best quality from our own production, handmade without additives, 100% gluten and lactose free.
Handmade in the family butcher's shop in Empordà.

Marcel uses recipes that have traditionally remained unchanged for several hundred years to ensure a high-quality and delicious taste. To guarantee 100% quality, we have your orders delivered directly from Spain with items from El Graner!

So, what are you waiting for? See for yourself and buy directly in Spain!


Buy meat freshly from your butcher

Family reunion time


After a year the Spanish family finally got together again!
We celebrated with fuet, olives, Iberian ham and Serrano ham, bull, longaniza, "pan con tomate" (white bread spread with tomato) and of course with vino :)

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Same day shipping of orders before 1pm .
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Spain - Lifestyle and mediterranean cuisine

In case your eyes start shining when hearing the name of this remarkable country this is maybe caused by many wonderful exeriences you've made in Spain so far. Spain can be associated with paradise beaches, culture, architecture and great culinary delights. The Basks are well known for their lush meals, as well as the typical valencian Paella must not miss during your holidays. The catalan Fuet and "la pata de jamón" also have to be on your todo list while abroad.

Mediterranean Cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. It evidentially leads to very few cases of cardiovascular deseases, high blood pressure and overweight. The tending higher life expectancy was related directly to the mediterranean nutrition. Also it is known that the mediterranean diet stabilises blood sugar level and the fat level for people who tend to become deseased of Diabetes. 

Basis of Spanish cuisine is an almost exclusively usage of olive oil. Spain is the world leader in producing olive oils, releasing more than 1,7 million tons to the open market each year. Not only the humongous bulk but also the high quality of Spanish olive oils raise Spain to a top global player. A small variety of some of these excuisite olive oils were selected and are offered here in the shop.

Happy customers

Great shop and fair prices. Good selection of articles in top quality - you can literally taste the flavor of Spain :)

--- Carl T.

Placed my first order today. I like the shop a lot. Everything is neat and easy to find.

--- Dietrich O.

Hola the products of The Spanish Gourmet are delicious! So glad to get Spanish high quality edibles. Thank you, will come again!

--- Greice S.



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