Saga Ibérica
Natural tradition from South of Spain

With extensive experience in the industry, Sage Ibérica is a second generation company that has specialized exclusively in the manufacture and marketing of products made from Iberian pigs. The highest quality standards are always applied in order to be able to pamper the customer with the usual quality.

There is a wide range of knowledge about the production of Iberian pork products. The employees are constantly trained to ensure professional training and handling. The highest quality, which has its origins in the awareness of tradition, and which you can taste 100%!


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Aceitunas Redondo
Quality and tradition

Aceitunas Redondo has been packaging and marketing a wide variety of olives in various formats since 1963. The most representative varieties include the broken olives from Córdoba, Extremadura and Malaga, the grated olives from Jaén, Córdoba and Extremadura, the black olives from Aragon and the Manzanilla and Gordal from Seville.

The care taken in choosing both the raw materials and the dressings used sets Aceitunas Redondo apart from others. Only fresh ingredients of special quality are used, which guarantees the special quality: Unique and representative flavors and textures.


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Today's special offer

Catanies Via 100g - almond praline covered in chocolate
  • Catalan almond praline based on original recipe
  • 100 g pack
RRP 5.55 €
Only 3.88 €
3.88 € per 100 g.
Catanies Via 250g - almond praline covered in chocolate
  • Catalan almond praline based on original recipe
  • 250 g pack for culinary Connaisseurs
RRP 13.79 €
Only 9.65 €
3.86 € per 100 g.
Catanies Via 500g - almond praline covered in chocolate
  • Catalan almond praline based on original recipe
  • 500 g family box
RRP 27.50 €
Only 16.50 €
3.30 € per 100 g.
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Family reunion time


After a year the Spanish family finally got together again!
We celebrated with fuet, olives, Iberian ham and Serrano ham, bull, longaniza, "pan con tomate" (white bread spread with tomato) and of course with vino :)

New products available

Mermelada de tomate 270g - Tomato jam
  • Jam made from home-grown tomatoes
  • 100% natural, without dyes and preservatives
  • Resealable glass with a content of 270 g
7.50 €
2.78 € per 100 g.
Patatas Fritas Palos con Aceite de Oliva 100g  - potatoe chips sticks in olive oil
  • Original Spanish potatoe sticks
  • Light salty, with taste of olive oil
  • Pack of 100 g
1.59 €
1.59 € per 100 g.
Mermelada de calabaza 270g - Pumpkin and cinnamon jam
  • Jam made from fresh pumpkin, produced from our own cultivation
  • 100% natural, without dyes and preservatives
  • Resealable glass with a content of 270 g
5.50 €
2.04 € per 100 g.
Mini Biscotes 120g - Mini crackers
1.29 €
1.08 € per 100 g.
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Your onlineshop for Spanish food specialties and delicacies 

Welcome to your shop for Spanish food specialties and delicacies!
Our Spanish foods are all personally chosen by us. While selecting the product portfolio, we geared ourselves to Spanish cuisine - just what the Spanish themselves enjoy most.

The product range is aimed at every gourmet who wants to spoil his palate with Iberian delicatessen specialties.
You can buy finest Spanish food specialties online.
You can find an overview of our product categories below:  


Spanish virgin olive oil extra

Spanish olive oil

On our platform you will find world-award-winning Spanish olive oils that we purchase directly from the producer.

  • Native olive oil extra in all its quality attributes 
  • Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra, Frantoio and many other varieties of olive
  • Spanish olive oil, not produced industrially


Olive oil from producer



Balsamic Cream Vinegar

Crema Balsamica

Our Crema Balsamica suits perfectly to salads.
Using the combination of balsamic creme and olive oil you will create a remarkable bouché of oil & vinegar dressing.

  • Crema Balsamica
  • Available in different flavors


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Spanish Cava sparkling wine

Spanish sparkling wine / Cava

The Spanish sparkling wine called Cava, is produced in a very similar way like Champagne.
Our Cava is is imported directly from the producer.

  • D. O. Denominación de Origen Cava
  • dry, semi-dry
  • Brut, Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Cuvee, Reserva, Gran Reserva, Dulce


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Spanish Vino wine

Spanish Wine

Our objective is to find the small unknown vineries of Spain and to offer their Spanish wine specialties to our customers.

  • Fruity and dry Spanish red wine, Spanish white wine, Spanish rosé wine.
  • Spanish Vino, lively and young or Gran Reserva


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Gourmet sausage

Spanish Gourmet Sausage

Our Spanish sausage specialties contain


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Spanish Cheese

Spanish Cheese

Our product range of Spanish cheese include both soft cheese and hard cheese.


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Spanish Olives

Spanish Olives

Looking to buy Spanish olives?
Our selection of olives are part of Spain's specialties.

  • Green Olives of different varieties
  • Black olives, i.e. Aragon
  • Potted olives, as cocktail or Gazpacho mix
  • Filled olives, i.e. with garlic


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Spanish snacks

Spanish Snacks

Spanish snacks have a great presence on the Spanish market .The cannot be missed at the Aperitivs.

  • Potatoe chips in different taste varieties
  • Corn Snack fun
  • Roasted sunflower seeds and grains


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Fish & seafood

Fish & Seafood

Spanish clams, seafood, oder feeling like steamed mussels in Tomate frito?

  • Cockles, scallops, mussels in Spanish manner
  • Anchovies
  • White Thuna in olive oil


Fish & Seafood



Spanish Dessert

Spanish Dessert

Spain's Desserts taste unbelievably good.
Chose your favourite, or look for a sweet recipe.


Spanisch Desserts



Spanish tapas and gift basket

Tapas gift basket

Looking for an extraordinary Spanish gift?
We recommend our gift basket, filled with yummie Spanish Tapas!

  • Preselected gift sets
  • Individually selected sets with Spanisch Tapas specialties
  • Joy vouchers for everybody


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Spanish cuisine healthy

Spanisch Cuisine

All about Spanish cuisine, mediterranean cooking and healthy food.

  • Recipe suggestions
  • Spanish cooking books
  • Later also a Blog


Cook healthy



Recommendations for you

Queso de Cabra Madurado 310g - ripened goat cheese
  • Ripened Spanish goat cheese
  • App. 310 g
6.40 €
1.94 € per 100 g.
Caldo Natural de Pollo bajo en sal 1L - Chicken broth slightly salted
  • Naturally made chicken broth
  • Light in salt
  • Tetrapack of 1 liter
3.10 €
3.10 € per Litre
Vino Tinto 0.75L - Red Wine of house brand BM Wine Select
  • Young and lively red wine
  • 12% Vol. Alc.
  • Served in easy Bordelesa bottle à 0,75 l.
8.90 €
11.87 € per Litre
Jamon dulce artesano 150g - handmade boiled ham
  • Directly imported from the butcher in Spain
  • Handmade boiled ham with few additives *
  • App. 150 g
3.95 €
2.63 € per 100 g.
Mejillones en escabeche 8-12 pieces 111g - Mussels in Marinade
  • Whole mussels in marinade
  • Between 8 and 12 pieces
  • Net weight 111 g, drained weight 69 g
3.59 €
3.12 € per 100 g.
Jamón Ibérico 7-10kg - Whole ham from grain fattening
  • Whole iberian ham
  • Grain fattening and maturation of at least 24 months
  • Weight between 7 and 10 kg
199.00 €
22.11 € per 1 kg.
Ylla Arbequina 250ml - virgin olive oil extra
  • Made of 100% Arbequina olives
  • Balanced taste
  • Handy 250 ml jar (can be refilled)
6.90 €
2.76 € per 100 g.
Valdenvero Organic Cornicabra 500ml - virgin olive oil extra

  • Cornicabra olives
  • Early harvest
  • Fruity and herbal taste
  • 500 ml bottle
from 24.95 €
Sierra Prieta Arbequina 500ml - virgin olive oil extra
  • Made of Arbequina olives
  • Early harvest
  • Strong and fruity but balanced taste
  • 500 ml bottle
from 15.90 €
Tasting set olive oils,, 2x3 bottles each 500ml
  • 2 x Sierra Prieta Picual-Cornicabra
  • 2 x Sierra Prieta Arbequina
  • 2 x Valdenvero Frantoio
89.90 €
29.97 € per Litre
All i oli 120g - high-quality natural garlic Mayonnaise
  • Spanish Alioli, fine garlic mayonnnaise
  • Made of virgin olive oil extra and natural garlic
  • 100% gluten free, lactose free and vegan
  • In a jarr of 120 g
4.39 €
3.66 € per 100 g.
Catanies Via 100g - almond praline covered in chocolate
  • Catalan almond praline based on original recipe
  • 100 g pack
RRP 5.55 €
Only 3.88 €
3.88 € per 100 g.
Tomate Sofrito casero 350g - home made Sofrito tomato salsa
  • Fried tomato with onion
  • The basis of every mediterranean salsa
  • Glass of 350 g
2.50 €
0.71 € per 100 g.
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Spain - Lifestyle and mediterranean cuisine

In case your eyes start shining when hearing the name of this remarkable country this is maybe caused by many wonderful exeriences you've made in Spain so far. Spain can be associated with paradise beaches, culture, architecture and great culinary delights. The Basks are well known for their lush meals, as well as the typical valencian Paella must not miss during your holidays. The catalan Fuet and "la pata de jamón" also have to be on your todo list while abroad.

Mediterranean Cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. It evidentially leads to very few cases of cardiovascular deseases, high blood pressure and overweight. The tending higher life expectancy was related directly to the mediterranean nutrition. Also it is known that the mediterranean diet stabilises blood sugar level and the fat level for people who tend to become deseased of Diabetes. 

Basis of Spanish cuisine is an almost exclusively usage of olive oil. Spain is the world leader in producing olive oils, releasing more than 1,7 million tons to the open market each year. Not only the humongous bulk but also the high quality of Spanish olive oils raise Spain to a top global player. A small variety of some of these excuisite olive oils were selected and are offered here in the shop.

Customers Success Stories

Super Shop und faire Preise - da schmeckt man die Qualität Spaniens :)

--- Carl T.

Heute meinen ersten Kauf durch geführt. Shop gefällt mir. Alles sehr klar und übersichtlich gestaltet. Wenn mehr Artikel angeboten werden, wird das Angebot kompletter.

--- Dietrich O.

Hola die Produkten von BM Food Selecte sind nicht nur Produkte, sind einfach Delikatessen und Feingeschmack. Bin so froh endlich was originalles aus Spanien mit hoher Qualität bestellen zu können, ganz zu schweigen von der Pünktlichkeit und Zuverlässigkeit des Verkäufers. Danke schön immer wieder gerne.

--- Greice S.



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Hola! Soy la Eli!

Coming from Premiá de Mar - which is very close to Barcelona - I have been living in Germany for twenty years.
Since my family continues to live in northern Spain, I visit them frequently.

I really enjoy the time in my native country because as a family person I like to be with my family, but above all because of the excellent food.

I would like to share this love for food with you, and that's why I had the idea to open this online shop.



What is close to my

When implementing my idea, I adhered to the following principles: 


Quality, not quantity!

During my visits to Spain, I visited numerous potential suppliers, most of which are located in northern Spain, but also in central Spain. I kept a "highscore list" for myself so as not to lose track. The result can be seen! I promise you will enjoy a selection of the best in Spain here.


Service for friends and family!

I would like to be available for you by email and phone in order to be able to clarify your questions about the products to your complete satisfaction. But I'm not only available for product questions. If you miss products or just have suggestions for changes to the shop itself, please let me know. 


The environment matters!

The environmental thought plays an important role for me. Thus the olive oils, the wine and the cava in particular are predominantly produced organically. But the shipping boxes and cool packs are also made of environmentally friendly material. And registration to participate in the dual system (yellow dot) for the disposal of packaging waste is of course a matter of course!


Well now, enough about me! I wish you a lot of fun while shopping!

... anything with Tapas!