Spanish White Wine

Spain is world famous for its wine, in most cases for its red wine. However, many people do not know that Spain now also produces first-class white wine and sells it internationally.

The origins of a Spanish white wine are on the one hand in northern Spain, in Galicia and Catalonia, but more and more very good white wines are also coming from the south, e.g. from Castilla La Mancha or Valencia.




Vino Blanco 0.75L - White Wine of our brand BM Wine Select
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White Wine from Spain

Spanish white wine - the secret winner 

Spain, better known for its strong and spirited red wine, is also a global supplier of sparkling and refreshing white wines. Enjoying a well-chilled white wine is a real refreshment, especially in summer.

The grape varieties

The following three grape varieties are among the most important in the production of Spanish white wine:

  • Albariño is preferably grown in the coastal area of Galicia, in the Rias Baixas region. 
  • Verdejo comes from the Castilian high plateau, the center of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Macabeo / Viura is the grape from Rioja that thrives on loamy soil. 

When to drink a good white wine

A Spanish white wine goes well with all dishes in combination with fish and seafood, but a dry white wine also develops its full taste with meat. Dessert wines tend to be lovely and are tasted with a typical Spanish dessert.

The right temperature for a white wine

A Spanish white wine is enjoyed at 8 ° C to 12 ° C.