Spanish Paella - everything from the pan

Traditionally Spanish, the Spanish paella cannot be missed.
Paella is prepared differently throughout Spain and is one of the absolute classics of Spanish cuisine.

What many do not know is that paella means "pan" and therefore not only the well-known rice dishes, but also other pan dishes such as pasta dishes are called paella.

Arroz Bomba Extra 1kg  - Bomba rice category Extra
  • Round grains of rice extra strong suction
  • Ideal for Spanish paella, risotto and other rice dishes
  • Practical, resealable 1 kg pack
3.99 €
3.99 € per kg
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Pasta Fideo No. 2 Gallo 450gr - Fideuá pasta
  • Fideo noodles of size No. 2
  • Highly absorbent, non-sticky, always firm to the bite
  • Ideal for the Spanish fideuá paella
  • Practical, resealable 450 gr package
2.39 €
5.31 € per kg
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Caldo de Paella de pescado - broth for seafood paella
  • Paella fish broth with natural ingredients
  • Ideal for seafood and fish paella or as a soup
  • Tetra pack with 1 liter content
3.98 €
3.98 € per Litre
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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Spanish Paella - buy rice and ingredients 

The origin of the paella 

Traditionally, paella comes from the Valencia region.
The well-known paella valenciana has the typical yellow color that is created by adding saffron.

Its all about the rice

To cook a good and traditional rice paella, rice of the Arroz Bomba variety is used.
It is very absorbent, so it absorbs the paella brew very well and does not stick together like risotto rice, for example.


Paella variations

Despite or because of the strong regional influences on Spanish cuisine, paella has established itself as a national dish.
But it is done differently in the different regions.
The paella variants that are likely to be best known would be

  • Paella de Marisco: a seafood paella with seafood and / or fish,
  • Paella mixta: a mixed paella that is prepared with both meat and seafood / fish,
  • Paella de verdura: the vegetarian version of paella,
  • Fideua: a paella with special little pasta instead of rice,
  • Arroz negro: rice paella colored with squid ink, which is more likely to be consumed in Catalonia.
  • and more ...