Company philosophy of BM Food Select

Our philosophy is to bring the best quality products from our country to our customers' plates. After many years abroad, we have noticed that Spanish products on the international market are very commercial and the quality does not match the products we find in Spain. There is nothing better than a good homemade noble salami (fuet), a good handmade salami-style raw sausage (langoniza), a good handmade paprika sausage (chorizo) or a good olive oil... We choose products for their quality and look for them in cooperatives and small entrepreneurs who produce profits from the sale of their products in a sustainable way, always maintaining quality. Our aim is for our customers to get to know the really good Spanish products and stay away from the brands that are usually found abroad. We want to give all these lesser-known brands the opportunity to enter the international market without big middlemen. We believe that it is worth promoting these products, the difference is obvious.