Culinary Delight with Spanish specialties

Would you like to pamper yourself with a culinary delight and are you looking for Spanish specialties? Find your culinary delight from our categories and spoil your palate at the highest level.

For us it is the quality that counts, not the quantity!

Plattform für Spanish Culinary Delight

Spanish sausage specialties

Take a look at the Spanish sausage specialties such as the fine salami Fuet, the Lomo pork loin, the Serrano ham or the chorizo ​​paprika sausage. Home-made Spanish foie gras from geese and ducks guarantees you an explosion of taste!

Spanish cheese

In the category for Spanish cheese you will find Manchego, goat cheese, sheep cheese, and mixed cheese as hard cheese or soft cheese.

Spanish olives

You can also find real Spanish olives, large, juicy and fresh here.

Fish & Seafood

If you are a gourmet fish and seafood lover, then take a look around our product category for mussels, scallops, cockles and tuna. The portfolio is constantly being expanded.

Spanish snacks

Spanish nibbles and snacks are known for their variety. The Spanish potato chips are available in many flavors, roasted corn or sunflower seeds, pistachios and other nibbles can be found on this platform.

Spanish spices, caldos and salsa

Or would you like to buy spices, salsa or caldo / broth for your Spanish cuisine?
Chicken broth, the famous caldo de navidad, fried tomato, spices for your Spanish paella are available here.