Buy Spanish sausage specialties for Gourmets

The portfolio of Spanish sausage specialties and meat products is as extensive as it is varied.
The variety of options means that Spanish sausages can be enjoyed cold, e.g. B. in thin slices or as a topping on bread and baguette, or as a cooking ingredient can be added to Spanish dishes.

Especially when added to a Spanish caldo (broth) or in other dishes, this gives a Spanish dish a hearty note with the typical Spanish taste. Buy high-quality Spanish sausages from your Spanish Gourmet for your exclusive cooking experience.

Family pack serrano ham slices
  • Spanish Serrano ham in a big pack
  • Gran Reserva (at least 15 months ripened)
  • Between 30 and 40 slices
  • Seperator between slices to ease serving
  • App. 500 g
14.89 €
29.78 € per kg
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Chorizo casero
  • Spanish Chorizo sausage
  • Recipe like home-made
  • Ca. 200 g
5.19 €
25.95 € per kg
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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Spanish sausage specialties for gourmets

Fuet salami sausage

The Fuet sausage is a Catalan specialty. It is becoming more and more popular in Northern European countries.
We can proudly say: "Our Fuet is the best in the world".

Spanish ham Serrano, Iberico, Bellota

A common type of Spanish sausage is the Spanish jamon / ham. Depending on which pig the ham comes from and what degree of ripeness the Spanish ham has, it is available in three main categories:

  • The Spanish Serrano ham is obtained from Spanish domestic pigs (white pigs). The color of the Serrano is therefore rather light. Quality differences are mainly due to the ripening time of the ham.
  • An Iberian ham is made from Iberian pork. The meat and the claws are darker than that of the Spanish domestic pig. Hence the name "Pata Negra" (black claw). In addition to the ripening time, the fattening also plays an important role in the quality.
  • The Spanish Bellota ham is considered to be the best in the world. It is also made from Iberian pigs, which are bred with an acorn-fed pork. Its unmistakable dark color and its dominant and strong taste distinguish it from Serrano and Iberico ham.  



The Spanish sobrassada is a Mallorco specialty. Similar to the Spanish chorizo, it gets its reddish color from paprika spices.
Depending on its consistency, it can be eaten in slices or as a spread with bread.

Chorizo bell pepper sausage

The Spanish chorizo should be as well known to Spain lovers as the Spanish ham. It is seasoned with paprika, salt and garlic by default.


The Longaniza is very similar to a raw salami sausage. It is seasoned with pepper and has a unique taste.

Lomo pork loin / pork neck

Also derived from pork, the Spanish lomo is made from pork loin or pork neck (cabeza de lomo). This is a particularly tender type of sausage that unfolds its taste straight or with bread, cold or heated.

Bull and Butifarra

Bull and Butifarra are also Catalan pork specialties. Bull negra is similar to the German blood sausage, while the bull blanca and the butifarra are rather coarse-grained and taste similar to a meat sausage.