Filled Spanish olives

Our delicious Spanish olives are a real treat for the senses that awaits you here! Behind every bite lies the art of meticulous craftsmanship and a passion for genuine flavour. Every olive, be it anchovies, spicy garlic paste or sun-dried tomatoes, offers a flavourful surprise.

To ensure a harmonious flavour experience, the olives are produced using traditional methods in which each filling is carefully incorporated into the olive. These stuffed olives are not only a delicious snack on their own, but also add a sophisticated flavour to salads, tapas or antipasti. Be inspired by the creative fusion of traditional flavours and immerse yourself in the world of Spanish stuffed olives - a feast for gourmets who love Mediterranean cuisine!

Spanish Manzanilla olives filled with anchovies
  • Spanish green manzanilla olives
  • Filled with sardines
  • Can with a net weight of 350 g
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18.60 € per kg
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